Aim :- to know basic electrical appliances.

1) Trip :- in case if the there is short circuit occur or overload the m.c.b gets trip means
the flow of current stops, meaning of trip means to close or to stop.
2) load:- load means the  appliances that we use on electricity is called electrical load.
3) short circuit :- in this case the current in the wire is more ,the insulation of the  wire
gets melts and the current gets leaked and a short occurs is called short circuit.
4) open circuit :- when the circuit is not connected is called open circuit.
5) close circuit :- when the circuit is connected is called close circuit.
6) Transformer :- in transformer there are two type step up and step down .step up means
Charging 5 v to 230 v end step down means 230 v to 5 v charging.
7) bad conductor :- bad conductor those through which current does not flow.
8) Good conductor :- good conductor are  those through which current flows.
9) Resistance :- it is like a obstacles in the path of the currents that slow down the voltage o
of current .
10) A.C :- alternate current is flows in negative to positive .
11) D.C :-  direct current flows in one direction.
12) Fuse :- fuse controls  the limit of the flow current . In case to there is on overload the fuse breaks the current flow.