Vigyan Ashram hosted the Makeathon program. sported by dassault group  

“Presenting our latest innovation: the Chicken Brooder Temperature Control project, crafted during the Makeathon program at Vigyan Ashram. Ensuring optimal comfort for our poultry companions, this solution exemplifies our commitment to precision and care in agricultural practices. Stay tuned for more updates on our advancements in animal husbandry technology.”

Vigyan Ashram and Team held the Makeathon from 2/4/2024 to 6/4/2024

During the Makeathon, myself and my buddies helped all the students create their projects. In this makeathon I tack a section of 3d printer 

In this makeathon, I am working with one group that has decided to do a broding project.

So how did we decide this project?

  1. First, we identify the problem in agriculture.
  2. Then, we discovered five problems in agriculture.
  3. Next, we choose the brooding project based on the see sum. chicken Health problems We chose this project to prevent chicks from dying when the temperature rises above 37°C as heat builds up in the brooding system, and when the temperature falls below 35°C, the chicks die due to cold.
  4. Problem Statement:

                                Inconsistent temperature regulation in traditional chicken brooders poses a significant challenge for poultry farmers, leading to suboptimal growth rates, increased mortality, and decreased productivity. This project aims to address this issue by developing a robust temperature control system for chicken brooders, ensuring a stable and conducive environment for chick rearing. By mitigating temperature fluctuations, we seek to enhance the overall well-being and growth of the poultry, ultimately optimizing farm efficiency and profitability.”

  1. Prototype :

Components: Edison bulb , Cooling Fan , Power Supply(12V) Adapter , 

Electronics: Arduino Uno , Relay Module , Temperature Sensor


Machines learning : laser cutter , 3D printer

  1. This is our Testing and final project