Ferro cement sheet
Aim : – Prepare ferro cement sheet.
Need: – Construction equipment for equipment and equipment welding machine sharing machine.
Materials / Tools: – Sand, cement, water, weldma net, chicken mesh, 6 mm torch bar, GI wire 26 gauge etc.
Functions: – Choose to create. 45 * 45cm Make Ferro Cement Sheet (You can choose different shapes available locally and according to requirement.
  1) 6 cm in length of 45 cm in length is 6 mm Cut the diameter rod.
2) Frame 45 * 45cm Put this rod to make the shape
 3) Cut chicken mesh and welding net 45 * 45cm Size
 4) Chicken mesh 1 inch hole or 12 gauge.
 5) Weldmesh mesh 1 inch * 1 inch hole and 2.5 × 3 mm
 6) GI Put a chicken nets and welding mesh in the frame using the wire.
  7) Make a molter (1: 3 cement: sand mixture)
 8) Place the paper on the size of the size of the frame size
 9) Apply the rod frame on the paper
 10) Mortify the frame.
11) Use it with a lid and apply it on it.
Inspection: -We look forward to the next day that our sheet is okay