9] fitting

Tools: – Iron rod, rope, eagle tape, randha, hammer, line rope,

Spirit Level, Level Tub, Thapi

Purpose: – Learning to construct by laying the foundation.

There are three methods to build houses, columns, foundations, foundations.

We had to prepare the cloth for the plant. For this we have used this method of foundation and foundation.

Action: – Bring all the material equipment to workplace. 2] The first point

Fix it Right angle and tape measure with second pitch

Took it Two or two rods are applied outside the point. And the order is constructed by the measurement of the fourth layer and

The foundation was marked by the foundation. The fourth and the feet of the construction

Use different marking marks. Each angle

It should be 90 °. For this, we measure the distance of 8ft by the width

Take the foundations dig. In construction we prepare goods as 6: 1

Was done.

Inspection: – All the bees who have 90 ° C while doing the foot.

Conclusion: – Placing the foot before the house construction. Needed

Learn how it is.