01:- Information about Food Lab Machine

Aim:- To know information about food lab machines.

FRUIT PULPER :- It is use to make juice of fruits.


HIGH SPEED CUTTER :- It is use to mix the mixture on high quantity for example tomato for sauce.

HEATING KIT-TEL :- It is use to heat the mixture on high quantity.

HOT AIR OVEN :- It is also use to heat or bake the food products.

NITROGEN PACKING :- This machine is use to pack food in bag by inserting nitrogen gas in it so that the food product is preserved for many days.

SEALING MACHINE :- Use to seal the packing bag.

WEIGHT BALANCE :- Use to take weight of material.

FLOUR MIXTURE :- Use to mix the flour.

AMALA CUTTER :- Use to cut the amala and remove seed from it.

TAB MACHINE :- It is use to put caps on bottles.

FOIL SEALING :- It is use to seal a jar with aluminium foil.

FILLING TANK :- It is use to fill juice in bottles.

   Safety precautions :- While working on machine we should take care and add the materials as per the limit of the machine.