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Project Name of the project: – Aquaponic

 Name of Student: Rohan .V. Parab

Project Date: –

Project Completed Date: –

 Guiding : – Tejas Dhadave

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1 Introduction 1
2 Objectives 2
3 Importance and Need 3
4  Project selection 4
5 Planning 5
6 Difficulties 6
7 Benefits 7
8 Inspection 8
9 Readings 9
10 Reference 10
11 Feedback Writing 11
  1. Introduction:-  Aquaponics is, at its most basic level, the marriage of aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics (growing plants in water and without soil) together in one integrated system. The fish waste provides organic food for the growing plants and the plants naturally filter the water in which the fish live.
  1. Objectives:-The aquaponics system monitoring tool allows the monitoring is based on connected sensors (pH, temperature, NH4, water level, …) and will be compatible with self-made systems and smaller companies. It gives us a double profit scheme due to both hydroponic and fish farming process. A per there is less consumption of water and recycling of the water.

03.Importance and need :- We can do farming on the fish waste water as it gets recycled due to it enters the grow beds. The water containing fish wates (ammonia) contains nitrogen that is useful for the plant growth. And due to this there is a double profit in business.

  1. Project Selection:-  By these we can give an idea to the farmers to get a benefit of double profit through these business and can grow vegetables as per they required.
  1. Planning:-  First we make a place to do the aquaponic project then we made a tank of  25X 20 feet , then we made the grow beds to place the plants of the vegetables then placed the paper in the tank then completed the plumbing and the electrical work and motor and bubbler fitting work and  then we filled the tank and the leaved the fish in the tank the placed the plants in the grow beds .
  1. Difficulties:- to maintain the temperature of the tank . there was a viral infection to the fish, and there was the problem to maintain the ammonia level  in the tank and to import and export the fish.
  1. Benefits:- By this we get a double profit by this project. The primary benefits to Aquaponics are: Environmentally responsible with low water usage and low power usage. … Many of the plants that thrive in Aquaponic growing are very easy to grow.
  1. Inspection :- There was a leakage in tank and other aqua insect and animal enter the tank.
  1. Readings:-

  1. Aquaponic Photos:-




  1. Reference:-I got reference form  Mr. Ranjeet Shanbaug  Sir ,
  1. Feedback Writing:-As I love to keep fish tanks  , But as by the aquaponic project I learned to fish farming and our normal farming and by these both combination Aquaponic  take place . Thankful to our Energy and Environment section K.V. Jadhav sir to give me permission to do this project.