13:-  To make poha laadu

Aim :- To make poha laadu

Requirement :- Poha, coconut powder, groundnuts, milk, dalda, jaggery, gas, bowl, starer , mixer.

Procedure :- Fried the poha and groundnuts , then made caramel of jaggery and added the mixture and coconut powder in the caramel. After mixing properly made small laadu of the mixture and packed in packing bag.

Observation :- Don’t burn the mixture while frying, keep watch on the gas flames , don’t make it high or low keep it constant while frying.

          FLOW CHART:-

                                                     Fried  Poha and groundnuts


                                                                 made jaggery caramel


                                                       Made mixture of dalda milk                        


                          added fried poha , groundnuts and mixture in caramel

                                                         Put the mixture in plate

                                                        Made small  balls of it  


                                             Packed in the packing bag


                                                                                  Poha laadu