AIM:-  To get information about tools.
1) Electrical pliers :- this can be used in while working on the live wire .as both the end  of the plier
     are been insulated by the rubber etc. so that we can be able to work on  the live wire without               switching of the current we can work upon it.
2) Combination plier:-this plier is use to twist the wire properly to tight the nut of small size .by this
     we can do several such thing .hence it is called combination plier.
3) long nose plier :- this plier has  long and pointed end  so that  we can easily do work in
     Messy area  such as turning the wire etc.
4) Flat nose plier :- this  plier has a flat  nose  end it is use to twist small  nuts ,to give shape  to the wires in messy place.
5) Side cutting plier :- it is use to cut the  wire in required amount  and in messy place ,to
     break a wire to make a proper joint .and to remove proper insulation of the wire .
6) Screwdriver :- it is use to tight or loose the screw there  are two type of screw  driver
     one is with the negative head and other is in positive head.
7) Neon tester :- it is one type of  screw driver the point of the tester is used to check the
     Current while the end has a rubber insulation inside it there is a glass tube and a  neon
      lamp .it is use to show the presence of electricity we can know by neon indication
      inside it.
8) Test lamp :- at one copper holder two P.V.C wires are connected . Due to this we can
     Check continvety , shock circuit , open circuit erthing and  polarity test can be taken.
 9) Hammer :- there are three type of Hammers ,claw Hammer , cross pin Hammer.
      ball pen hammer .but mostly ball pen hammer is use in the electrical work.
10) Tenona saw :- this saw blade is made of two metals upper side is made up of copper
        and lower side is made up of about iron sheet . due to the blade we can get a deep
        cut  of about 10 cm ,breadth  of about 25 to 30 cm length is the blade .
11) Hand saw :- this saw has a flexible blade .due to this we can make a deep cut as much
       We want . the blade is 20 to 35 cm long.
12) Poker :- to make a hole in a wall or a wood we required this tool is a thin iron and a grip
       at the other end it has pointed edge to that we can make a hole in wall etc.
13) Rachet braces :- to make hole in wood in messy place.
14) Hand drill machine :- it works manually to make a hole in wood.by rotating the handle
       the machine gears starts working .
15) Electrical drill machine :- it is a portable drill machine that work on electrical motor
       On single phase A.C current . It make easy to make hole in wood ,iron ,concrete easily.