Moving Spider

NEED OF THE PROJECT : I want to make this project for my younger  brothers  and sister to play and understand science and mechanics

Requirements :

  1. Plywood
  2. Motor
  3. Double tape
  4. Battery
  5. Switch
  6. Laser cutter
  7. M – seal

Procedure :

  1. Cut the inscape file provided in this blog
  2. Cut the file using the laser cutter if you dint know how to cut using the laser cutter check out my blog on the laser cutter
  3. Assemble the project using the wedges provided
  4. If needed use fewiquick or glue
  5. Then n the back of the robot fix a motor using some double tape
  6. Make the connections through a switch and a battery
  7. At the motor shaft connect s a small piece of acrylic to unbalance the motor causing it to vibrate thus propelling the robot forward