13:- Wire joints types
 Aim :- to know the types of wire joints.
 1) simple joint :- it is an easier joint that be done by twisting both the terminals of  wire
      With each other  and it can be easily get separated.
 2)  Marid joint :-  it is made by over laping the wire on each other and cannot be removed easily .
 3)  union joint :-  this joint is been use when we have to take pole to pole connections and
       it is also done as by over laping wire on other  wire on each other end it is the fittes
       joint .
 4)  Britania joint :- it is use where there is been usen the wire of thick care .
 5)  T-joint :- it is use to make a connection available in have by making a joint in mains line
       and connecting to the house old wiring .