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Project Name of the project: – Micro Green

 Name of Student: Rohan .V. Parab

Project Date: –

Project Completed Date: –

 Guiding : – Tejas Dhadave

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1 Introduction 1
2 Objectives 2
3 Importance and Need 3
4  Project selection 4
5 Planning 5
6 Difficulties 6
7 Circuit Designing 7
8 Benefits 8
9 Inspection 9
10 Reference 10
11 Feedback Writing 11
  1. Introduction:- In any seasons we can have the sprouted pulses and we can grow vegetables at home. And there is less cost to do so. And it is to handle and can be moved easily from one to other. And due to the electrical operating system there is an 90% growth  in the sprouting. Micro greens began showing up on chefs’ menus as early as the 1980s, in San Francisco, California.[1] In Southern California, micro greens have been grown since about the mid‑1990s. There were initially very few varieties offered. Having spread eastward from California, they are now being grown in most areas of the United States with an increasing number of varieties being produced. Today, the U.S. micro greens industry consists of a variety of seed companies and growers .
  1. Objectives :-
  • We get a better Protein values from the sprouts that are been produced in micro green.
  • There is much better growth due to the electrical system
  • And there is about 90% of growth without roots.
  • As they normally it requires 15-16 hours in micro green it takes 8-9 hours

03.Importance and need :- ·         Due to their high antioxidant content, micro greens are considered a functional food,·         a food that promotes health or prevents disease.·         Consuming plant-based foods of all kinds has been linked to a reduced risk of many health conditions, such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure

  1. Project Selection :-I selected this project as there is less place required easily to move for one place to another and as there is no requirement of soil and as per the old method to bring sprouts to pulses this method is better  and we can get sprouts quickly and good production. Less requirement of water . We get the sprouts with and electrical system.
  1. Planning :-As per the planning  we made a diagram of the micro green. Then as per list we bought the trays, motor pump, line tubes, foggers timer, a container, Led lights, and a plastic paper and a acrylic box to fit the button and the timer. Then made a drawing of the circuit and as per diagram connected the components and did the assembly of the structure as per done in the drawing and stitched the plastic paper as the cover of the micro green. Then assembled the tray pipe line and foggers and placed the L.E.D lights at each tray and completed the assembly. Then in bigger container put the motor and did the testing.
  2. Difficulties:-There was problem while doing the circuit wiring to the structure and the water from the fogger was spraying out of the structure .Then there was difficulty in installing the led lights to each tray. The foggers we not working properly . As per the timer sometimes the foggers were not working.
  3. Circuit Designing:- The circuit was compiled and its data was read and the circuit was designed accordingly.
  1. Benefits :-Possible health benefits. Studies suggest that micro greens may contain high concentrations of nutrientscompared with mature vegetables and herbs. Due to their high antioxidant content, microgreens are considered a functional food, a food that promotes health or prevents disease.
  1. Inspection :-There was a problem with the water in the container there were bubbles coming out form it. So for it we put 5ml oil the containers to stop the bubbles .The water  in the container starts to stink and the tray of micro green get sticky.
  1. Micro Green Photos:-
  1. Reference :-I got reference form the Google search and Mr. Ranjeet Shanbaug  Sir.
  1. Feedback Writing :-As in Energy and Environment section my performance was not so good , But as by the micro green project I learned to make and design my own circuits and to assemble it. Thankful to our Energy and Environment section K.V. Jadhav sir to give me permission to do this project.