01. Safety in workshop

  • Always keep the workshop clean
  • Always follow the workshop rules before entering workshop
  • Use safe tools while working in workshop
  • Wear safety shoes, apron or boiler suit while working 
  • Wear safety hand gloves
  • Use a proper holder and hand gloves to  carry hot material
  • Use safety googles
  • Before using machine check its oil level , greasing and servicing 
  • Don”t miss behave while working on machine
  • Use Fire preservative while any  case of fire in workshop
  • Turn of the main switch in case of an accident o machine
  • Keep raw material or scrap in proper place to reuse it
  • Always keep the windows open of workshop
  • always keep the entry of the tool
  • Don’t miss behave in workshop while working
  • Don’t make an working area crowded
  • Don’t trow tool anywhere  

Observation:- Proper safety is must in workshop and we should have to follow the rules