AIM: Plane table survey

 Requirements:  measuring tape,  plane table setup,  tripod,  staff

Procedure: a area to be surveyed

2.  set the tripod and fix the place taken on it

3.   Check  the level of the the setup using spirit level

4.  set on the table in the middle of it a drawing paper and stand with pens

5.  when the centre of the paper with a pen

6.   at the end points of the plot hold a star

7.  using the reactor scale adjust the angle of it such that when viewed from behind the slot the staff should be seen at the centre of the wire or string

8.  market with a line

9.  take a tape and measure the distance between the plane table and place where the staff is held

10.  once the reading is complete you will have a roughly generated map of of the plot

11.  as it is easier to get the area of the plot using the triangle method

12.  cut the plot area in such a way that you will get triangles of which you would know the length and height

13. then using the formula ½*l*h  get the area of the triangles and add them up to get the area of the plot