AIM:  To learn about wick stove and kerosene stove 

Requirements: wick stove, kerosene stove , kerosene , wicks

Procedure for wick stove

  1.   in the bottom chamber  pour  for some kerosene
  2.  did the weeks in kerosene and then set them up at the  wick  holder
  3.  light the way up with a match stick
  4.  to increase the frame raise the height of the wick 
  5.  to decrease the flame for cut of lower the height of the  wick 

 Information:  the Wick stove works on the principle of surface tension when we did the week in kerosene and light it is a kerosene arises due to surface tension

 procedure for kerosene stove: 

  1.  put the kerosene into the kerosene holder
  2.  pull the key up down to let some air increases the pressure
  3.  at the lighting area light up the stuff

 Information:  when will the level to increase the air pressure in it due to which the kerosene Rises out of the carburetor like part